Michele Nessier

Michele Nessier is in charge of creative design, operations, and customer service.
She brings a diverse set of skills from art history to logistics, and looks at staging design as a passion rather than a vocation. Michele uses staging to reveal the basic beauty of the home. Her greatest compliment is when a realtor calls to say that it was the staging that sold the house. She believes that great design needs flawless execution.

Our job is to serve the realtor, overcome all obstacles, roll with changing circumstances

Tim Bostwick

Tim Bostwick drives sales, marketing, and corporate development. He recognizes that staging is a highly competitive environment and that AMI Staging has to deliver results to the realtors who put their trust in the company. Tim believes that staging should transform the house and has to involve more than just putting furniture into empty rooms. It should enhance the selling price and deliver a solid ROI to the homeowner.

The ultimate goal of staging is to sell the house. We do great design and that’s super important, but at the end of the day, the house must get sold. We do whatever we need to do to make that happen