Andi Carvalho

Andi is a seasoned Interior design and Staging professional. She brings a strong sense of Design, Logistics/Operations and Interpersonal skills to AMI Staging. 20 years in Retail Management running stores with 800+ employees, she handles every aspect of prepping and staging homes to maximize sellers profit. Andi adds creative and artistic elements to each property, while always focusing on results.


Marcie Hutchings-Oeler

Marcie comes to AMI Staging following a distinguished career in event management and fundraising. Previously she founded and operated a boutique firm specializing in corporate, political and non-profit events, before turning her attention to the combination of real estate and design. Sales and exemplary client service have always been at the forefront of her work.


Tim Bostwick

Tim Bostwick drives sales, marketing, and corporate development. He recognizes that staging is a highly competitive environment and that AMI Staging has to deliver results to the realtors who put their trust in the company. Tim believes that staging should transform the house and has to involve more than just putting furniture into empty rooms. It should enhance the selling price and deliver a solid ROI to the homeowner.